How to Prepare your Center for a TERT Response:

Even though your Center may not be able or willing to participate in deployments, you still need to be prepared to receive a deployment.  This is something that can be included in your disaster plans.  Make sure you are familiar with the TERT process, educate your local emergency management and start preparing.

As you plan for disasters within your PSAP, begin to look at what you would need to do and have on hand for out of area dispatchers to come in and assist.  Some suggestions are included below in what we describe as a TERT package.  This is something you can put together now and have on hand.  It will have to become part of your updating process as you change and add things to your procedures.  Include your staff; they will have lots of ideas and information.

TERT Package

The TERT Package is information and resources provided by the Requesting PSAP to responding TERT.  This package should have the necessary information and supplies for the TERT to function while deployed.  The package should include but is not limited to:

  • List of CAD codes/commands
  • List of call types
  • List of radio frequencies and departments that utilize same
  • Unit number or radio signature designations
  • List of radio codes
  • Local phone books
  • List of commonly used telephone numbers
  • List of other required access numbers
  • Commonly used terms/names (utility company name, common place names)
  • Local maps/ Cross-reference guides
  • List of major public buildings such as schools; shelters; hospitals; public safety buildings; other government buildings; jails/prisons; etc.
  • Jurisdictional boundaries (police, fire, EMS)
  • List of agencies dispatched or supported
  • List of key public officials and current organizational structure (chain of command)
  • Facility overview
  • Overview of local and state laws
  • Check-in/Check-out procedures
  • Method of ID credentialing/electronic entry cards
  • Instructions and definitions for alerting systems if they are functional
  • Agency rosters to include EOC


PSAP Survey

It is still important that you complete the PSAP survey so that your agency information is on hand should you need assistance.  This will save you critical time during a deployment request.  This information will allow us to match team members to your agency efficiently.


It is important that you not only keep yourself and your agency informed on this process but to pass this information along to your emergency management personnel.  They need to be familiar with the process so that when you ask for assistance, they know where to turn. 


Not every agency will be able or interested in participating in out of state deployments.  However, there are many that would be willing to help a Michigan PSAP.  In order for us to provide mutual aid and be able to receive proper reimbursement and aid from the State and Federal agencies, assistance must be sent through emergency management in the form of a TERT response.  So those agencies interested, even if you only have two people that qualify, should make sure they have appropriate training, resources and information.  You are required to participate in every deployment.  If you can’t spare the staff due to schedule, illness, shortage, interest, etc., you don’t have to participate in that particular deployment.