TERT Component Definitions:

Following the National TERT Initiative recommendations, MI-TERT will encompass the components below:


TERT Calltaker

An emergency calltaker capable of receiving, assessing, prioritizing and classifying calls for service (police and/or fire and/or EMS) and operating public safety and/or PSAP communications equipment.

TERT Radio Dispatcher

An emergency dispatcher capable of receiving, prioritizing and distributing calls for service (police and/or fire and/or EMS and/or any other first responder agency) using a public safety radio system while coordinating, tracking and providing support to field units.

TERT Telecommunicator

An emergency dispatcher capable of functioning as both a TERT calltaker and a TERT Radio Dispatcher, as described above.

TERT Supervisor

A telecommunications supervisor capable of functioning as a TERT Telecommunicator, as defined above, and of supervising, directing and assessing the work of other PSAP personnel.

TERT Team Leader

A telecommunications supervisor, as described above, who is also knowledgeable in the administrative aspects of a TERT deployment and is capable of managing human resources, work task distribution, act as liaison and document needs of the TERT.  The TERT Team Leader is assigned by the TERT State Coordinator and may be used to assist the TERT State Coordinator and State Team Leader in their duties.